About us

Vital Factors is brought to you by MDR (Medical Doctors Research)  

Based on the Latest Science
MDR formulas are based on the latest advances in health and nutrition science and are designed to improve public health. 

The Finest Ingredients
MDR uses only the finest ingredients with NO dyes, fillers, megadoses, unproven herbs or animal glandular extracts.

Dedicated to Public Health
In 1989, MDR Founders assembled a team of experts in Nutrition and Medicine, and set out to develop the finest vitamin products to benefit public health. The experts found many formulas were sadly deficient, not well balanced, or contained unproven, and possibly harmful ingredients or dosages.  

After much research MDR developed and patented the first AM and PM multivitamin formula to allow double absorption of nutrients and optimum health. MDR Fitness Tabs soon made its mark by becoming the first nutritional supplement to be listed in the Physicians' Desk Reference. This prestigious listing immediately earned MDR the reputation of being a "physician's first choice" when prescribing a vitamin supplement.

With decades of expertise, MDR has created innovative formulations like Vital Factors that can increase healthy longevity, CardioTone for cardiovascular support, Stress Defense Tabs for maximum performance; OnGuard for immune support; and others, all designed to optimize public health.

Shipped Fresh Direct from MDR
MDR Labs 70,000 square foot facility (shown above) is located in Sunrise, Florida, where development, bottling, shipping and customer service are handled in-house.

With constant updating of formulas to include the latest breakthrough nutrients, responsive in-house customer service, and knowledge of prevailing health and nutrition concerns, MDR proudly serves a healthy base of over one million satisfied customers.  

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
MDR backs every one of its products with a 100% money-back, 60 day refund policy and offers a toll free number for access direct to MDR.